Disruptive Innovation in
Embedded Design Since 2002

Company Overview

Supplied various M2M and Industrial IOT Solutions.

We are global provider of collaborative IOT business solutions.

We continue to lead and evolve the rapidly changing technology landscape.

Our solutions are transactional, connected, compliant and mobile.

We deliver efficient, cost effective solutions to our clients who look for adopting IOT practices to give their product & services a quantum leap.

Key Technology Areas

1. Embedded

a. Robust hardware design including analog and digital expertise.

b. Reliable firmware design considering the safety applications.

c. Innovative commercial and market approach for the product design.

d. In house production capabilities.

e. Experienced team capable of delivering the artifacts with quality.

2. Mobility

a. Android.

b. iOS.

3. Engineering Applications

a. Business Intelligence Dashboard.

b. Data Analytics.

Our Competencies

Centre of Excellence (5)

a. Embedded Technology - Hardware & Firmware Best Practices

i. Team Size (10) [60 Man-Years of Experience]

b. Mobility - Android & iOS

i. Team Size (6) [25 Man-Years of Experience]

c. Engineering Web Application - Portal

i. Team Size (6) [25 Man-Years of Experience]

d. Corporate Functions - Business Excellence

i. Team Size (8) [50 Man-Years of Experience]

e. Lean Production Technology

i. Team Size (10) [30 Man-Years of Experience]

RMS - Use Cases & Implementations (1 of 2)

Diesel Genset

Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd.

Cooper Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Chillers (HVAC)

Kirloskar Chillers Pvt. Ltd.

Harman (Zamil Air Conditioners)


Kirloskar Pneumatic Co Ltd.

Earth Moving Machines and Cranes (Off-Highway)

Terex Corporation


Our solutions are built to perform under most difficult conditions, but what sets us apart is how we are plugged in to needs of each client. At our core, we’re a problem-solving Company.

Projects Done For

Indian Railway

GPS Based Tower Clock, LED Display, Kiosk for PNR Status.

Harman India

Bottle Counting for Coolers to optimize SCM, Home Automation

Kirloskar Oil Engines Limited

Shop Floor Automation

MRF, Warna Dairy, Dandekar Rice Mill

Shop Floor Automation


Single Board Infotainment System


Onboard Diagnostic Devices

IoT Products

1. Connected Point of Sale

Embedded Device collecting sales transactions & push notifications via web server

2.Vehicle Infotainment System

Smart Taxi Metering Device, Infotainment System for Passenger Vehicles. Cost-Effective GPS Vehicle Tracking System via GPRS

3. HMI for Air Gauges

Go, No-Go testing for shop floor automation.

4. Load Cell

Applications for Weighing Scale, Truck Weight Measurement

Products Overview

Air Compressor

Chillers (HVAC Application)

Diesel Generator Set Application

CEarth Moving Equipment Application

POS Machine without weighing

POS Machine with weighing